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Victor Zinchuk. The way in the world of art

 Nowadays the name of the virtuous guitarist, composer and arranger Victor Zinchuk is well known all over the world. He is deservedly considered to be “The Gold Guitar of Russia”. Concert halls of France and Italy, Holland and Ireland, Switzerland and other countries welcome him with great delight and admiration. The title of Honorary Magister and Associated Professor was conferred on him by The International Academy of science of San Marino. Victor is a record-holder of “The book of the records of Guinness” as the fastest guitarist in the world. In 2005 he was conferred the rank of The Honoured Artist of Russia.

The guitar charmed Zinchuk with its fascinating expressiveness in his childhood. Victor was born on the 8 th of April 1958, in one of the old districts of Moscow. He started playing the guitar at the age of 11. He played in school bands till he was 16. Having understood, that the guitar was his vocation that needed professional training, Victor entered the Music-pedagogic College of the October Revolution in 1976. He attended the classic guitar and conducting an orchestra of folk instruments classes till 1980. At the same time (in 1978) the young guitarist was invited to the All-Union Radio and Central Television variety-symphony orchestra conducted by U.V. Silantiev. Zinchuk was conferred a qualification of an actor of the highest category.

Having graduated from the college Victor worked in different styles – from jazz to variety. He took part in such famous collectives as the jazz-band “Arsenal” and “Quadro”. He led the group of Urii Antonov and was a solo-guitarist and arranger during the recording of a compact-disk “From sadness to joy”. Victor also worked with the primadonna of Russian pop-music – Alla Pugacheva. And the result of this collaboration was the super hit “Mary”.

However, working with one or another performer, Zinchuk couldn’t realize his own musical and creative ideas and get rid of limits that were dictated by the actors and styles. So, in 1987 Victor started his own music career. He set his heart on serious classical music. Victor made his own interpretations of the greatest classical compositions by I. Bach, N. Paganini, J. Gershvin and others, brought in them his own sight. Zinchuk achieved a new perception of well-known works. He made them actual and modern.

In the same year Victor became the best guitarist according to the questioning of the youth at the All-Union Radio.

In 1988 a documentary film “Victor a Victor” was shot. The name of the film says for itself and hasn’t lost its importance for years, as Victor Zinchuk is a laureate of many international festivals and contests. In 1983 working in a quartet “Quadro” Victor won the first prize at Valif Mustafa-Zade festival in Baku.

In 1989 he became a laureate of the international festival “Interchance- 89”. In 1990 Victor achieved great success and became a laureate of the international television festival “The step to Parnassus”. In 1991 Victor went on tour about Switzerland where he became a laureate of the international festival in Friburge.

In 1993 he represented Russia at the international festival “The Bratislava Lyre” where such an acknowledged musician as Chuck Berry performed on the same stage with Zinchuk.

In 1994 Zinchuk took part in a rock-festival “Key-Brothers” which was held in Italy.

In 1996 he won the 3 rd place (from almost 50 participants) in the category “The best video” with a video “Caprice №24 N. Paganini” at the international festival “Golden Deer” in Transylvania (Roumania).

Victor combined the triumphal conquest of Europe with a full schedule. He constantly toured in Russia and abroad – in Holland, France, Italy, Switserland, took part in different radio and TV programms.

In 1988 Zinchuk recorded music to a cycle of films about the north for the “Polar Bridge” studio. In 1993 he created music for a feature film “Short breath of love”.

In 1992, in Italy, the “Fil Di Ferro” group recorded a disk “Rock, Rock, Rock” where Victor Zinchuk played the guitar part.

In 1994, in Russia, the first solo-disk “Mix no one” appeared, where remixes of classical works were combined with Victor’s own compositions.

In spite of such a full and busy mode of life, Victor found time to improve his education. He entered Moscow State University of culture in 1991 where studied for the specialty “the musical Art of variety”. In 1995 Victor graduated from the university with excellent grades and received a red diploma ( a special kind of diploma for the best students). In the same year The International Academy of Scince of San-Marino conferred the rank of Honorery Magister and then the title of Associated Professor to Victor.

Unable to be passive and to rest on his oars Victor didn’t stop on achievements and continued working propaganding classical music.

In 1997 the “Neoclassic” disk appeared where remixes on classical works from Bach to Vivaldi, “Polonez” by Oginsky “Tarantella” by Rossini and, of cause, Victor’s own compositions were represented. The appearance of the disk accompanied by a series of concerts, which were always sold out.

In the same year one of the Russian insurance companies signed a contract, according to which the arms of the guitarist were insured for 500 000 dollars. It was a gesture of admiration for the beautiful expressive music of the maestro.

In 1999 the “Alone in the night” disk appeared. In 2000 “Neolyric” was recorded.

In 2001 Zinchuk set up a record of the maximum speed of playing the guitar. He attained the speed of 20 notes a second. Performed with such an unreal speed “The fly of a bumble-bee” by Rimsky-Korsacov was registered in “The book of the records of Guinness”.

In 2002 one more album “Amadeus 146” appeared. There is a touch of folk music and Renaissance music in the compositions of this disk. Victor’s interest to the variations of ethnic music led him to Ireland, where concerts with participation of some masters of this music style were held. Besides new impressions Victor brought some new compositions of his own, created under the influence of the celtic music.

As formerly, today Zinchuk constantly participates in different festivals, where his performings are always popular and successful. In 2003 Victor represented Russia at the international Festival “Slavyansky Bazar” in Vitebsk. One more bright concert was at Francfurt-on-Main festival which was held in May 2004 in honour to the celebration of “50 years of Fender Stratocaster” according to the international music exhibition “Music Messe”.

To express a great admiration to Victor Zinchuk’s genius talent, the American company “Fender” and the Japanese company “Ibanez” present guitars and musical equipment to the maestro every year. Such an action of endorsement is a very honorable and rare sign of international generally respect.

In 2005 Victor was conferred the rank of The Honoured Artist of Russia – one of the most important and honored award, which seems the official respect of Victor’s talent. This year the new album “12 guitars of the Master” was created, where you can find beautiful melodies of the XX century, classical works of Beethoven and Saint-Saens and of course Victor’s own music. In 2005 the video school of playing the guitar – “Victor Zinchuk’s master-class” was recorded.

Choosing the way of the missioner once, whose mission is to bring music and harmony to people, Victor is faithful to himself till today. He is full of creative plans and energy.

As critics are arguing about the style of Zinchuk’s music, Victor just plays good music and doesn’t care about the corresponding to the rules and stereotypes which can satisfy critics but kill the spirit of music.

The master turns to different styles (from fussion to hard rock) techniques and instruments. He uses not only classic and electric guitars, but also rare kinds of instruments such a banjo.

And when music sounds arguments stop. As the real art doesn’t know any limits.

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